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The Hallmark Heritage Society was formed in 1973 in response to the rampant destruction of heritage buildings in the name of "progress". A small office was opened shortly afterward to collect material on historic buildings and the process of preservation. The collection has grown from a few documents and images to a comprehensive archives containing information on over 15,000 buildings and other heritage sites in the Capital Regional District.

This site was developed to showcase our archival collections and to make our information available to a world-wide audience. There are currently three three separate databases: Property, Islander, and Preserve. The first project was completed in 2009 and contains all the photographs in our clipping files together with a database of basic information on each. The second project has been ongoing for a few years. Students have been working on a database of heritage-related articles from the Society's collection of Islander supplements. We currently have over 10 years available. The third project is the digitization of our newsletters from 1973 to the present time.

In summer 2010, our student, Doug Cox, updated the databases and website to include the Islander database and the newsletters.

If you find incorrect information on this site or can offer additional facts, please let us know. Much of the data was collected over 40 years ago, so its accuracy may be in question. We would also like to correct typographical errors and/or missing information. We will continually update the site to make is correct as possible.

We are currently adding the photographs from our Millennium Project and hope to add the contents of our slide collection as time permits.

If you wish higher quality images for publication, or have any comments, send us a message with the pertinent information. We will normally reply within a week.

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