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Some Notes Regarding the Islander Supplement Database

The Hallmark Society was given five boxes of old Islander magazines several years ago. For the past five summers, a summer student has been cataloging the heritage-related articles and producing a database recording the relevant information. Due to copyright issues, we cannot show the photographs that accompanied many of these articles. Further, we cannot show the articles in their entirety, but they, too, are available for viewing at our office. Copies on microfiche are also available at the Victoria Public Library and other archival sources.

The Islander Database should be viewed as a reflection of the articles it references, not a statement of facts. In accord with ideals surrounding traditional journalistic practices, we have assumed the writers checked their facts, and simply recorded the claims they made. In many cases, the stories found in the Daily Colonist Islander are purely anecdotal. They provide a glimpse into the personal lives of not only the writers, but also of their subjects, and to some extent, of their audience, Vancouver Islanders themselves.

As with all written materials, these Islander articles reflect their times.

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